Call of Duty Warzone: Every Buy Station Location (& How to Use Them)

Call of Duty Warzone introduces Buy Stations, special areas located around the map that can help players secure a victory in a battle royale. This guide will help locate all the Buy Stations and describe its functions. Call of Duty Warzone combines fast-paced first-person shooter gameplay the series is known for with stealth and strategy that comes along with the battle royale genre. Each round pits 150 players into a massive battlefield filled with locations inspired by previously popular locations in the Call of Duty franchise. It even pulls elements of prisoner of war, where players are captured and have the opportunity to escape by fighting for their freedom. While these locations are not 1 to 1 replica of their initial spots from previous titles, these are respectfully recreated to fit into Call of Duty Warzone's new battle royale map. Throughout the player's experience in the game, they will stumble across many useful and essential items across the map that can change the tide of battle. Aside from just weapons that can be found on the ground, Buy Stations are introduced and can make the difference between a victory or a defeat. This guide will help players locate every Buy Station and provide an explanation of their purpose in the game.

When a game begins, players are thrown out of a plane and can parachute down towards various locations across the map. The neat thing about Call of Duty Warzone is the fact that the names of the locations are laid out on the screen above the location they are. Players do not need to open the mini-map in order to know what location they are landing in. It appears in large, white letters above their respective locations. Selecting where to land is essential to being successful in this game. Deciding to land in an area where many players are also landing can be exciting, as this is where all the action will be, but also very dangerous as if the player is unable to find a decent weapon fast enough, they're set for easy picking. Buy Stations are locations that will normally be used in the middle of a game rather than the beginning since in order to use them, the player must pick up money found across the map. This guide will help players use Buy Stations to the best of their abilities and locate each one on the map.

All Buy Station Locations In Call Of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone Mini Map

To find out the location of the Buy Stations, the map has a solid legend in defining the location of each of its special items. Opening the mini-map and looking under the POI (point of interest) legend section describes the Buy Stations as a small gray circle. When zoomed out, the map describes the items are specific shapes. When the player zooms in, the icons become more defined. Buy Stations are labeled on the map as a gray shopping cart. Follow the map to the closest Buy Station and interact with it for some extra goodies.

How Buy Station Work In Call Of Duty Warzone

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As mentioned, Buy Stations can only be used if the player has collected some cash found across the map. The most money can be located in the relative same locations as to where weapons and treasure chests can be found. The number of funds varies from location to location, but each can drop from $100-$500. There are multiple items for purchase at Buy Stations that will be essential to being successful. Here are all the items players can currently purchase at Buy Stations.

  • Armor Plate Bundle: This is the game's version of shields, which increases the player's defense. $1500.
  • Shield Turret: A small shield will spawn, blocking out enemy attacks and being used as cover. $2000.
  • Cluster Strike: A killstreak where missiles rain down on a specific location. $3000.
  • Gas Mask: Protects the player from toxic gas for a limited time. Excellent for avoiding the circle. $3000.
  • Precision Airstrike: A killstreak where an airstrike attacks a specific location. $3500.
  • UAV: The location of enemy players will begin to appear across the map. $4000.
  • Self-Revive Kit: When dropped down, players can use this to bring themselves back to their feet. $4500.
  • Squad Buyback: When a teammate is dead, this can bring them back to the battlefield. $4500 per teammate.
  • Munitions Box: This item can be used to drop plenty of ammunition. $5000.
  • Loadout Drop Marker: A random box of weapons and items will drop from the sky to collect. $6000.

Killstreak items can only be carried one at a time. Collecting money and purchasing the proper items is essential for prepping to win a game. It is recommended to pick up the Armor Plate Bundle early on, as this increases the amount of damage the player can take on and is super intuitive in its function. UAV is also an excellent pick up from the Buy Station, as it allows players to plan on striking certain enemies or if a hasty escape is needed. Lastly, Squad Buyback is a great way of making games last longer and to redeem one of the player's fallen comrades.

Call of Duty Warzone's Buy Stations helps make the game feel much more layered than just another battle royale title. Players can avoid combat in general and focus on collecting money around the map to build out their inventory. Aside from the battle royale mode, Call of Duty Warzone introduces a new Plunder mode, where the primary objective is to collect as much money as possible before the timer runs out. This game mode is perfect for exploring the map, getting familiar with its landscape, and discovering patterns of where cash will spawn and potential locations to avoid. Respawning is allowed in this game mode as well, making it a much better casual experience for other players. It is recommended to try out Plunder before jumping into the battle royale mode. Call of Duty Warzone surprised everyone when it was announced that the game was going to be free-to-play. As the game continues to develop, time will tell if the game has legs to stand on and maybe even sprint ahead of the competition.

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