Call of Duty Warzone Rebirth Island guide: Best drop and loot locations

Call of Duty Warzone has a new map, Rebirth Island, which is a much more intense battleground than Verdansk. Here's what you need to know to master this new arena.
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Now that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has kicked off its first proper Season, Verdansk is no longer the only map in Activision's premier battle royale, Warzone. Ever since Call of Duty: Warzone launched in March 2020, gamers have only been able to play on that one map, but now – thanks to the introduction of Rebirth Island – we've finally got somewhere else to duke it out. Better yet, there's also a newly extended armoury for you to get your teeth into, featuring some of the deadliest guns from Cold War now in Warzone.
Rebirth Island, you'll notice as soon as you drop in, is very small compared to what you're used to in Verdansk: Player lobbies are smaller, and match times often come in shorter than what's become the standard. You can very quickly get overwhelmed on Rebirth Island if you don't keep up with the pace of the game. This guide has been assembled to help give you a fighting chance when dropping into Call of Duty's latest hotspot.

Get the High Gound

In Call of Duty: Warzone, what goes up must come down
Rebirth Island's most notable features lie in its uneven terrain, leaving plenty of opportunity for players to rain death on you from above if you're not vigilant. To stop that happening, you may want to consider landing at the Security Area, towards the south of the map. Though there aren't a lot of loot caches around there it offers a good vantage point, so try to land up top and then work your way down, not the other way around.
Fighting uphill and leaving yourself at the mercy of opponent's with a good vantage point is a surefire way to get you sent to the Gulag in minutes. Keep an eye out for the elevated areas and learn to drop there and scan around you.

Flank the hotspots

Know how to flank the areas you'll be engaging with most
The Bioweapons Lab is one of the hottest drops on Rebirth Island thanks to the promise of high-quality loot in plentiful amounts. Dropping in the front door is usually a bad idea – if you're not quick off the mark, it's certain death – but there is another, sneakier way to infiltrate the zone and plunder gear whilst other teams engage in early-game skirmishes.
Drop at the Chemical Engineering factory and scope out the stairwell by the side of the zone; you'll be able to enter the Bioweapons Lab under a decent amount of cover. From here, you may be able to gear up and get the drop on any straggler teams still trying to get in the obvious way. Sneaky.

Scope out Buy Stations

Buy Stations could save your life
There are 11 buy stations that you can use across Rebirth Island, but since they're all outside and offer no protection, it can be a risky business heading for them without a plan. If you are set on using the stations, you'd be wise to head to the northern end of the oval-shaped map, where you will see three stations grouped together (near Bioweapons Labs, Decon Zone and Chemical Engineering).
Though dropping here has so far proved quite risky (it's a popular place for greener teams to land), it's worth maybe dropping a small distance away and heading to the three stations once the heat of the opening minutes dies down a little. Watch out for campers, though – there's nothing worse than getting sniped by some rube that's sitting on the stations after gearing up early in the game.

Know where to restock

You never want to be caught without ammo for your guns
There are only five ammo caches on Rebirth Island, so if you need to restock on bullets you're going to have to fight. Mostly, you'll be fine pilfering weapons and ammo from fallen enemies, but you never know when you'll need to go and grab more bullets. Make a mental note of the cache locations. You can find them at the communications station in the Security Area, inside the Factory, in the building next to the Construction Site, inside the Lookout Post and inside the factory section of Chemical Engineering.

Get to the Choppa

If you want some heavy-duty hardware, you'll have to fight for it
Getting prepped for a bit of casual vehicular manslaughter will be tricky on Rebirth Island: though there are 18 spawn points that mobile hardware can appear at, to keep things spicy Activision likes to make spawn rates quite inconsistent. You'll also note that there are three spawn points for aerial vehicles (at the far south of the map near the Security Area, at the helipad on the shore in the north-west, and just south of the Decon Zone).
Though spawns are fairly inconsistent, these aerial vehicle spawn points are good places to drop: they can kit you out with some lethal hardware very early on and put you in a great position for the rest of the match. Dropping into the Security Area is a risk, though: there are bottlenecks galore and loot is pretty thin on the ground. If you're going in, just be aware that you will almost never be the only person trying to get to the chopper...

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